About CHOCOMERO’s doll underwear

In 2004 ... Chocomero doll underwear was born.
Dolls can now wear cute underwear in styles never seen before.

The entire process of CHOCOMERO’s doll underwear is finished by one person. I carefully produce them with originality and care under the motto of “durable and cute”.

チョコメロのドール下着は、色移りの心配はほとんどありません。CHOCOMERO’s doll underwear has almost no risk of color transfer to the doll body.

濃色の素材は1週間以上ボークス 製のドール素体に密着させ、色が付かないことを確認してあります。(絶対ではありませんので、他社製ドール素体にご使用の場合や、長期間の着せ付け、強い摩擦、水分の付着には特にご注意ください)
We have confirmed that the dark-colored material will not transfer the color of the cloth to the doll body made by Volks. (This is not an absolute guarantee, so please be especially careful when using on dolls that are not made by Volks, or when wearing for a long period of time, or when subjected to strong friction or moisture.)

チョコメロのドール下着は、永久無料でメンテナンスを承ります。CHOCOMERO’s doll underwear is free of maintenance fees forever.

Please contact us for anything: frayed seams, deteriorated elastic, lost ribbons or other parts. We will repair it free of charge. (Please pay only the round-trip shipping fee.)

チョコメロのドール下着は、デザイン・製法、完全オリジナルです。CHOCOMERO’s doll underwear is completely original in design and production method.

We want our products to be used for a long time, so we are constantly improving their durability and appearance. We design our products not only to be KAWAII, but also to be easy to change.